At Something Good, We Co-Create Shareworthy Magazines

Welcome to the Something Good Magazines Cafe.

Ali Fowler & The Something Good Team are busy co-creating your next magazine. We want to inspire you to create a better world, through positive and uplifting content. So 'what's your something good?'

Take a moment to view our magazine kiosk by clicking on any of our magazines covers and they will open up to view. You will see the variety of personalised magazines we create for our clients - business | personal brand | non profits organisations | even weddings!.

Who can have their own magazine? You can! It's easier that you might think.

All you need to do is send us an enquiry here - and the Something Good team will be in contact to chat with you about how we can get your first magazine out into the world.

How It All Works

We co-create personalized magazines for your brand and message.

You retain the rights to your copy, images, video and audio in your magazine product. In others words, 'it's all yours, baby!'

You provide the content. We strategise with you what your best content will be and how it work well in a magazine format. Did you know you can add video and audio to your digital magazine? We'll do that for're welcome.

We design the layout and organise the publishing.

We advise on the best publishing options - privately, on your website and socials as well as the global magazine platforms.

We hold your had the entire process and celebrate wildly with you as we hit Publish! on your very own magazine!

So simply say Yes I Am Interested and we can get started!

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