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1 year ago

Power Skin Solutions Magazine

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Connecting powerful skincare with powerful women. Introducing the first-ever Power Skin Solutions magazine. In this issue, we are hearing from Suzanne Hall our founder and creator who has spent 40 years creating the perfect formula to improve the contemporary issues which our skin is facing. We also talk to Jelena Petkovic and Fatuma Maradom, both empowered woman who tell their stories of not letting the negative experiences from the past control your future too. We would love you to shop our store. We have a great offer inside this magazine for you. Visit


EMPOWERED WOMEN Part of our vision with Power Skin Solutions is for women to feel empowered by having great skin, but also on a much deeper level feature and support women who are living an empowered life. We all need inspiration when managing life’s challenges, big and small. In this issue, we are featuring two very special women. WOMAN OF PEACE Jelena Petkovic is a single mother of three beautiful children who is on a mission to help us all connect with the infinite source of peace, beauty, and love within, and then use it to create the health, life, and world our hearts yearn for. Through her own life journey to find her own health and power, she has a vision to share the path to vitality with us all. She is a modern-day medicine woman and your go-to expert on healing that is rooted from the heart, that honours the soul, and that expands into all life. “Best skincare line I have encountered in a long time. Clean ingredients and transformational for skin. I am just loving these products and would recommend to anyone who wants glowing, healthy and clear skin” JELENA Jelena is a deep empathy that over the last 14 years is a licensed medical provider, best-selling author, thought leader, visionary, voice of love, humanitarian, and transformation facilitator. Jelena’s gifts to the world include integrating the best techniques from the east and west to provide us with the most loving, nourishing, and rejuvenating practices to restore our vibrancy and help us move towards a life of more ease and bliss. Her book Return to Beautiful is a guide for finding your most vibrant way of living, A JOURNEY INTO HEALING, FLOURISHING HEALTH AND BLISS. Available from Jelena brings joy where ever she is and her latest mission is the Women of Peace movement providing mediums for peace empowerment, leadership development and inspiration to the world. 14

EMPOWERED WOMEN FROM REFUGEE TO BUILDING A BUSINESS TO SUPPORT HER FAMILY. My name is Fatuma Maradom. I’m 40 years old and I’m a Refugee living in Australia for 14 years and counting. I’m the mother of 6 children and a grandmother. I am currently running a hairdressing salon from home and am a taxi driver. I worked as an aged care worker for 4 years, as a childcare worker for 5 years. I am so lucky and grateful to be in an opportunistic country. I can build the future that I want, I’m not forced to live a life that I despise. I was also the chairwoman of the Somali community in the first few years I was in Australia. I am now working on being part of this international skincare business with Suzanne Hall and Power Skin Solutions and creating ways for refugees and our community to create more income for their families. I hope to become an inspiration to many women, in particular, the women from the Muslim and African communities. I wish to leave a legacy. To find out more contact us on I grew up in Somalia, the most dangerous country in east Africa, a state governed only by anarchy. Famine was normal for me as a child. My family and I were forced to watch my stepfather get decapitated and tortured by Alshabab the military militia. I have family members that have been kidnapped and are still missing till this day. My mother is a paraplegic and my father was completely blind, he recently passed away from lung cancer. I was forced to drop out of school and cook, clean and care for my younger siblings full time since I was 7 years old. 20 years ago, my mother told me to leave and find a way to get overseas so I could help my family. I escaped Somalia and fled to Kenya. I stayed as a refugee in Kenya for 8 years. I never looked back since that day. What killed me was leaving my 6 younger sisters and epileptic brother in Somalia with my disabled mother. I was on a mission to provide for my family. I endured domestic violence for so many years. My entire life was full of abuse and pain. Not only physical abuse but psychological, emotional and sexual abuse as well. One day while I was at the refugee camp, one of my cousins asked me if I saw my name on the board for people whose visa was granted. I ran to the board and saw my name there. I broke into tears and jumped up and down. This was one of the happiest days of my life. I arrived in Australia in 2005, at the age of 26 with three beautiful children. My oldest child was 6 years old and the youngest was 9 months old. I couldn’t read, write or speak English. I didn’t know the Australian culture. I was scared, excited, nervous, sad and happy. A million emotions were rushing through me the day I landed in Australia. I realised how strong I am as a woman that day. I finally managed to make it out alive and that my children are now safe and sound. 15

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