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Power Skin Solutions Magazine

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Connecting powerful skincare with powerful women. Introducing the first-ever Power Skin Solutions magazine. In this issue, we are hearing from Suzanne Hall our founder and creator who has spent 40 years creating the perfect formula to improve the contemporary issues which our skin is facing. We also talk to Jelena Petkovic and Fatuma Maradom, both empowered woman who tell their stories of not letting the negative experiences from the past control your future too. We would love you to shop our store. We have a great offer inside this magazine for you. Visit

Power Skin Solutions “I feel so passionate about solving the many issues we face living in this urban world. We are seeing rosacea, hormonal acne, scaly skin and aging at a much greater rate than ever before. As one of the earliest natural skincare creators I have nearly four decades of experience and wisdom which I have built into Power Skin Solutions. My passion is to combine science and nature to have powerful extracts and the magic of New Zealand and the energy that we use when we create some of the most active products on the planet. so you can have your best skin and face the world in your power.” CREATING SKINCARE THAT BUILDS COLLAGEN FAST… IN THIS ISSUE What is anti-aging all about? Is it possible to reverse aging? Are natural products really effective on modern skin challenges like rosacea, hormonal acne and the impact of urban living? Bees and their amazing gifts to us Our products and their natural ingredients - Suzanne Hall, Founder 1

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