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If you are interested in learning more about magazines and how they can help your business, this is for you! It's just a quick glimpse of the power and simplicity of having your own personal business magazine. You can hear from two clients as well on their experiences as their magazine became an important business asset. Book a free call with The Something Good Team to talk about your vision for your own magazine. Simply email to get started. With gratitude Ali Fowler - Creator - Something Good.

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Coaches Public Figures / Speakers Business Owners Social Entrepreneurs Bloggers WHO CAN HAVE THEIR OWN MAGAZINE? YOU CAN! Personal magazines can work in any industry or special interest group. Spoiler alert... the more niche the better! Health Practitioners Financial Services Companies Fashionistas Bricks & Mortar Retailers Musicians Travel Businesses E-commerce Businesses With Special Range Offers Non-Profits On A Mission To Change The World Lifestyle Enthusiasts Sporting Clubs & Organisations Beauty & Wellbeing Companies Medical Researchers Food, Chefs & Nutritionists Art Enthusiasts Startups Looking For Investors You!

MORE than blog. a BETTER than brochure. a EASIER than book. a Get your own business magazine. It’s easier than you think. Ali Fowler SomethingGoodMagazines.Com

Our Magazines

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Is A Digital Or Print Magazine Right For You Or Your Business?
Something Good Magazine - Natalie Alexia
Learn More About Magazines