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If you are interested in learning more about magazines and how they can help your business, this is for you! It's just a quick glimpse of the power and simplicity of having your own personal business magazine. You can hear from two clients as well on their experiences as their magazine became an important business asset. Book a free call with The Something Good Team to talk about your vision for your own magazine. Simply email to get started. With gratitude Ali Fowler - Creator - Something Good.

Secrets How A Magazine

Secrets How A Magazine Can Help Your Business5 1. Ability to embed video & promote your Youtube channel 2. Customers hear your message in your own voice (audio) and you can or showcase podcasts or interviews you’ve done 3. Teach/educate on your content right from the page - a simple alternative to online courses 4. Unlock special content/pricing via Opt-ins 5. Fewer words are best - don’t need to write tons of copy 6. Easily shareable on all socials 7. Monetise via subscriptions, membership or advertising 8. Leverage a print / digital format combo 9. Links to anywhere you want 10. Sell off the page / scan codes / direct links to your eCommerce store 11. Answer your customer’s most common questions in an engaging format - create a learning centre 12. Publish local or global - wherever your audience is 13. Unlimited page formats for your bespoke content 14. Ideal for product guides, business updates and customer deals

15. Add to your email signature to reach more people 16. Add to your content planner for seasonal, quarterly, launches and special events 17. Appear anywhere in the path to purchase - pre or post-purchase - wherever your customer needs your information 21. Share your own business story in an engaging way 22. Present your work portfolio and credentials in a professional format 23. Prominent Call To Actions (CTAs) 24. Bragging rights by telling people you have your own magazine! 18. Cross-promote your blog 19. Combine Branded native content plus curated content from industry sources to build trusted advisor / expert status - all in one great read 20. Inspire your customers with powerful imagery 25. And we can do all of this for you! Book a free call with the Something Good Team today and get started. BOOK A CALL

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