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If you are interested in learning more about magazines and how they can help your business, this is for you! It's just a quick glimpse of the power and simplicity of having your own personal business magazine. You can hear from two clients as well on their experiences as their magazine became an important business asset. Book a free call with The Something Good Team to talk about your vision for your own magazine. Simply email to get started. With gratitude Ali Fowler - Creator - Something Good.

“It was such an

“It was such an incredible experience to work with Ali Fowler, putting together the Love Is The True Black story for her Something Good magazine. Ali truly is a visionary and she has an incredible eye for putting content together in a really really engaging way." "It was an amazing price and it just looks so much better than we anticipated. One of the things that we didn’t expect from it, because we are a software company - it really helped people understand that we are a tangible business and it added real credibility to what we were doing. Despite there was nothing in the magazine that we don’t already say, but it just changed it and the staff and the team and everybody has really enjoyed it. So I think it’s one of the best value things we’ve ever done in the business in terms of promotion and we will be doing one quarterly and with all our other businesses as well.” Suzanne Hall "If you are thinking about working with Ali, absolutely don’t hesitate because she is a joy and a light to work with and I’m so excited to see what happens as she moves forward with Something Good and all of the other incredible magazines that she has been creating. Thank you Ali.” Natalie Alexia Suzanne Hall Creator - Love Is The True Black Founder - Be Intent **At the time of publication, this issue of SG magazine had had over 1.5 million views on Yumpu and counting. Help us get the message out there by sharing this magazine here Share this Magazine: Share this Magazine:


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