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Growing With Gratitude Magazine

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Welcome to the Growing With Gratitude Magazine from Founder, Ash Manuel. Our mission is to help teachers and schools build and protect children’s mental health. Because today’s young people are the future of our world and because we simply care. They face challenges, adversity, they impact people around them. We can come together to teach young people skills of how to overcome challenges and adversity, of how to be a great citizen through conscious practice. So if you are a teacher, school leader or parent, and you want children to be resilient and happy, welcome to Growing With Gratitude. Visit us at for program details and our free resource library available for all teachers around the globe.

Growing With Gratitude

GROWING WITH GRATITUDE “The Growing With Gratitude Program empowers young people with valuable tools and skills to help them lead healthy, successful and productive lives. This contributes to the Education Department’s Wellbeing for Learning and Life Framework, which supports students to be more resilient and engage in positive experiences, form stronger friendships, be more optimistic and show increased self-esteem.” John Gardner Minister for Education - South Australia MAGAZINE 650+ Schools 180K+ Students 40+ Countries - Accessed In IN THIS ISSUE Learn about our fully resourced ‘school ready’ program for teachers Positive Reflection with the Adelaide Crows Sign up to free resource library FREE TEACHER & FAMILY RESOURCE LIBRARY 1 All GWG Programs are Officially Endorsed By: South Australian Mental Health Commission

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