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GIFT Global - Issue 4 Magazine

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GIFTGlobal is a gathering place of ideas and actions dedicated to global betterment via the integration of diverse mindfulness practices and technologies into our daily lives. GIFT believes that engaging one billion new people into mindfulness practice represents a powerful antidote to a host of problems affecting all living beings. You can follow GIFT's initiatives here -

our ripple effect will

our ripple effect will change the world. In this way each of us can vote with our lives for more love and compassion, justice and dignity, wisdom and stewardship. The most effective method we have is the power of love/truth/soul – the Soul Action Practice. Regarding the Inner change: Neuroscientists are now confirming that we can change our brains through mindfulness – that what we think and do with regularity changes our brains. Anyone who has worked to create a breakthrough in their physical fitness knows how powerfully the body responds to regular workouts. The same is true of the brain. Mindfulness is the practice of undivided attention and heart/mind awareness. Every great wisdom tradition teaches some form of mindfulness, such as centering prayer and meditation. Neuroscientists using CT scans have shown that regular meditation for two months can shift the set point of the brain from the right pre-frontal cortex linked to stress and anxiety to the left pre-frontal cortex linked to happiness and wellbeing. Practicing mindfulness, exercise and healthy diet increases happiness. Thus neuroscience and the wisdom traditions say that through our practice of mindfulness and altruistic action we can change our brain, elevate the quality of our life and help our world. Regarding the outer change: To advance the Great Turning and increase our compassionate action as Dr. King recommended, engaging in real dialogue is crucial. But some people may be skeptical how dialogue can really accomplish anything in such polarizing times as these. They argue that people have become so absolutist and adamant in their mindsets, leaving seemingly little space for openness to other points of view. Part of what’s going on in America right now is that we’re not seeing each other as decent, good, caring people across these divisions. There’s a demonization effect. Over the years, we in Project Victory have organized numerous dialogues to help bridge the divides on peace, environmental issues, climate change, race relations and religion. When you think about the broad constituency of folks of good will across many points of view and traditions, what works to foster dialogue is to create an atmosphere of kindness and safety where your point of view is going to be heard. Once that happens, you are going to be much more receptive to listening to the other point of view—and even considering there are some things you don’t know. It all comes down to forging an experience of mutual respect and dignity. The Tipping Point: Scientists have established that when a population adopts a new idea or innovation it grows slowly until it reaches the tipping point of ten percent and then it spreads exponentially like a flame. Thus when ten percent of us are living the change we want for the world with mindfulness and compassion, we will rapidly accelerate the Great Turning. As we heal and transform our own lives, we will transform our culture, and thus we can cross the rope bridge and together create a new Renaissance of the human spirit. At Project Victory we are working to spread the call to live the Great Turning and to help link the Great Turning Network of millions of individuals and groups committed to the inner and outer change toward love and compassion, inner peace and wellbeing, human dignity, justice and equal rights, and the healing of the Earth. As Dr. Martin Luther King says: “When I speak of love, am speaking of that force which all the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life.” As ten percent of us awaken from the trance of small self (ego) and live from big Self (soul) with love, we will ignite together the love-based worldwide rising. When my son was born, I dedicated myself to this vision: “Two hundred years from now – if we choose – historians of the 23rd century will look back at our era and call it the Great Turning. They will say that a worldwide movement, in which tens of millions of people lived with mindfulness and compassion for each other and all life, was able in the 2l st Century to restore the Earth and create the conditions for peace For more on Craig Schindler, please view 15 | GIFT Magazine

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