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GIFT Global - Issue 1 Magazine

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GIFTGlobal is a gathering place of ideas and actions dedicated to global betterment via the integration of diverse mindfulness practices and technologies into our daily lives. GIFT believes that engaging one billion new people into mindfulness practice represents a powerful antidote to a host of problems affecting all living beings. You can follow GIFT's initiatives here -

We are passionate about

We are passionate about bringing together a blend of balanced voices of real people, to create a better future and to inspire our listeners to step into a more mindful way of living. Explore what actions we can all take both together and as individuals to create a more mindful world. We decided to pool our collective wisdom and create a FREE online event designed to help you, me, your kids or even Granny draw on our innate powers to bring more peace and good juju into our lives and the lives of people around the world each and every day! Content will also be accessible for schools globally. The best thing about being mindful is its simplicity and accessibility. It can be both a practice and a way of being. It transcends creed and culture, it can be practiced in any environment, and it’s free. 20

SHINING A LIGHT ON MENTAL HEALTH AND SUICIDE PREVENTION The summit will bring awareness and raise funds for youth mental health and suicide prevention. Globally, suicide is the second leading cause of death among those between the ages of 15 and 29. Donations generated by the summit will go towards mental health and suicide prevention organisations. The Superpower Summit will run online as a virtual event for 5 days beginning early 2018! The summit will be made up of longer interviews and 5-10 minute wisdom downloads from people at the leading edge of human endeavor. By registering for the summit you will be able to watch online on the day of broadcast! When you register there will be an option to donate by selecting a charity from our database. Your donation will go directly to that charity. 21

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