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GIFT Global - Issue 1 Magazine

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GIFTGlobal is a gathering place of ideas and actions dedicated to global betterment via the integration of diverse mindfulness practices and technologies into our daily lives. GIFT believes that engaging one billion new people into mindfulness practice represents a powerful antidote to a host of problems affecting all living beings. You can follow GIFT's initiatives here -


SUMMIT UPDATE G O A L The Superpower Summit is a nonprofit online event promoting the mindful superpowers used by our participants. The summit is driven by volunteered time. We love that being mindful costs nothing to share or practice. Our goal is to be part of reaching 100 million people globally over the summit. Yes, that’s right…100 MILLION PEOPLE. WHAT IS THE SUPERPOWER SUMMIT? Bite sized wisdom downloads, daily interviews with global heroes and mindfulness exercises you can participate in. WHEN Early 2018 – Online event register @ WHY? Every action each of us takes has an impact and a ripple effect. Come join us and be a part of creating global change. Imagine 100 million people being more conscious and mindful in their day. What difference do you think it will make to the world we all live in? Join The Global Conversation About How We Can Create A More Mindful World WHO’S IT FOR? The Superpower Summit is an experience created for curious, forward-thinking people who want to feel less ‘tired, busy and overwhelmed’ and learn tools and techniques to enhance their lives and wellbeing. For those of us inspired to be part of visioning and creating a more mindful world, the summit is a unique opportunity. 18

S O F A R . . . Interviews are underway with leading experts and interesting people for the summit. If you have a suggestion of someone we should be interviewing please drop an email to Registrations for the summit are now open. You can register early at WHY WE ARE DOING THIS “YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD THE POWER MY DEAR, YOU JUST NEEDED TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT” - Glinda the Good Witch (Wizard of OZ) The Superpower Summit’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people all round the world, by demonstrating that mindfulness is the Superpower that we all have access to, and is a tool that is currently being utilized everyday by people just like them with incredible results. We are at a point in history where our voices need to be heard. It’s time to come together as a collective. The social and political landscapes and constructs of the world are causing distress and discomfort to many. We want to hear from individuals at the leading edge of human endeavor and everyday folk on how to show up powerfully in our lives and work. And what it means to live in a mindful world. 19

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