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Ali Fowler - An Invitation To Magazine With Me

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Welcome To Ali Fowler's Personal Magazine. Ali is the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of SomethingGoodMagazines.Com and is inviting you to co-create a magazine with her. Ali works with purpose rich business owners, life changer coaches and bigger game entrepreneurs, with magazines packages to match. As a social entrepreneur herself, Ali has an extraordinary passion for helping people get their message and their something good out into the world. Visit SomethingGoodMagazines.Com/Join

Ali Fowler - An Invitation To Magazine With Me

DREAM-DRIVEN. CO-CREATOR. PROJECTEUR. IN SERVICE OF SOMETHING GOOD Magazines are in my heart, projects are in my DNA An Invitation to Magazine with me A look at life legacy 10 pivotal realisations that helped me get my dreams off the back burner and into play Photo Credit: Alise Black Studios 1 I believe legacy is life’s great joint venture (JV) - where Joy meets Value. Find out what brings you Joy and add Value by sharing it with the world.” - Ali Fowler

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Ali Fowler - An Invitation To Magazine With Me

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